Jens Munk expedition

Here we are in 2019 four hundred years after Jens Munk left Copenhagen, sailing west, to try to find the Northwest Passage, north of Canada to China. The anniversary of this expedition will be commemorated at the Danish Canadian Conference in Winnipeg. The Danish Federation's Jens Munk commemorative Steering Committee, chaired by Carl Sorensen of Edmonton is working on a host of exciting activities to bring awareness of this voyage of discovery.

The Danish Canadian Conference will be held at the Hotel Fort Garry in Winnipeg from Thursday May 23 to Sunday May 26, 2019.

The conference theme is: The Arctic, past, present and future, with focus on Jens Munk's expedition.

The Danish Club in Winnipeg is planning a grand conference which will also include a flag raising ceremony at City Hall, as Dannebrog turns 800 years old in June. Moreover the Danish Ambassador to Canada, H.E. Thomas Winkler, will be joining us for the conference.

Immediately after the conference, from Monday May 27 to Saturday June 1, 2019 the Danish Heritage Seminar will be held at the Hotel Fort Garry. The theme is: Wanderlust, the desire to explore the world.

Headmaster will be Pastor Susanne Ivalo Rasmussen of the Danish Lutheran Church in Vancouver. Other presentations will be by Otto Christensen of Gimli and Aase Christensen of Guelph, as well as Charlotte Andersson, a professional musician and singer, who is flying in from Copenhagen to join the seminar, to tell us about Christian Winther, the poet who wrote " Flugten til Amerika"

The seminar is in English

Mark the dates in your calendar and prepare to join us in Winnipeg for what promises to be some remarkable days.

A registration package for the conference is in the process of being prepared, and the seminar brochure is in thh process of being printed.

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