The Club has now been open for almost five months this year and business-wise the year started out with support of the Club by a lot of members and friends plus a few banquet bookings.

Another Covid19 wave slowed down the attendance to a point where it made sense to close the Club on Mondays.

Fortunately the Covid19 effect is wearing off and the Mermaid is from time to time experiencing good support and more banquets are being held. However we do have to deal with the reality that the Club is not operating in the black, so something has to change at some point.

Our current plan forward is to obtain proposals for the sale of the land and building, with a lease back condition that would allow us to keep operating in the current facility for two plus years, but with cash in hand that would guarantee the continuation of the Club for many many years.

I would like to encourage members who are not yet Shareholders to purchase a share and become part of the decision making in deciding the future of the Club. This can be done by contacting Eva at the Club.

For existing Shareholders, please encourage your children to become members. We need the younger generations to become part of our future. A membership could be a birthday present and an opportunity to invite the family for a meal in the Club.

To those of you who have been supporting the Club throughout all the difficulties we have experienced the last two and a half years, a big THANK YOU to you all.

Sincerely, Per Andersen, President.