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Message from the President

As you most likely know by now, we are trying to sell the Club's land and building. Although it is in a great location, the building is around 100 years old and while it has been maintained very well over the years, it has fallen behind on a number of code upgrades. We can't do a major renovation in one area without bringing the entire building up to code and that would not be financially feasible.

Thanks to great visions from our forefathers, current Share Holders, Members, Friends of the Club, Management and Staff, we are in the great position of owning the land and building outright.

I would like to assure everyone that if we are successful in selling the property it would be to ensure the future existence of the Club, not to close the Club. 

We recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Mermaid Inn, with specials running the entire month of January, and the outstanding support clearly showed that there is a strong customer base to continue the operation of the Club somehow. The Board have of course discussed future potential plans, but until we have a firm sale we will keep those discussions confidential.

Any sale would include a leaseback agreement that would allow the Club to stay in it's current location for at least until 2025, so that will give us ample time to come up with a firm decision on a new location,

In the end it will be the Share Holders of the Club that makes the final decision of how we go forward, so get your Share if you don't already have one and be part of the decision.

Per Andersen




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