To existing and new Share Holders of the Calgary Danish Canadian Club


We are pleased to welcome all new Share Holders and hope you will participate in shaping the Club's future.
The AGM, scheduled for earlier this year, had to be postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

The rules for indoor gatherings have since been altered, so now that the Club has adopted the Restriction Exemption Program, and all employees are vaccinated, we are able to reschedule the AGM.
Everyone in attendance must show proof of COVID vaccination.

The board have decided to schedule the AGM for January 2022. The date for the AGM will be determined on the November 24th board meeting and a notice to this effect will be sent out to shareholders in December.

The AGM will be held in accordance with the report that was sent out in September 2021.
We will be voting on election of President and board members and on the acceptance of the audited financial statement, etc.

There will not be any voting in regards to dealing with the potential sale of land and building. There will however, be an update from the Club Future Committee in regards to meetings we have had with potentially interested parties.

Per Andersen, President

As you all hopefully know, we have been open for business since the 7th of September and a big thank you to the share holders, members and friends of our Club for the patronage.

We are operating under restrictions the Government has currently implemented, but is is business  as usual ( upon proof of vaccination ) in the Mermaid and adjoining rooms.

The Club is limited to max. 50 people in any one room, so we postponed the AGM. We will discuss the possibility of connecting two rooms electronically and perhaps have the AGM in that fashion.

The Tivoli room is booked for the municipal election, so please show patience with the extra traffic that will create. The booking is creating a much needed revenue.

Unfortunately we have had cancellations of a number of functions, but at this point we still intend to hold the " Touch of Class " event Friday the 3rd of December, with the traditional roast duck and roast pork with the delicious cracklings, and the usual trimmings. Music provided, as per tradition, by Darren and Greg of Premium Accord.

Stay safe please

Per Andersen.