The cover letter may not exceed one (1) page including your name, address (both email and home), and phone number in minimum 11 point font. It should include the following:

  • The goals that your education will help you advance.

  • Your current hobbies and extracurricular activities. 

  • The background information linking your connection to the Danish Canadian Club and/or Danish culture as well as your contribution to those.

  • It is helpful to indicate how you will use the scholarship money if your application is successful. 

  • Discussion on what makes your application outstanding.



Official transcripts of your current academic program if a current student, and otherwise of your most recently completed academic program. Include both if your transcript does not include a full year of your current program.



A copy of your letter of acceptance from your chosen post-secondary institution must be submitted.

Note: to apply for this scholarship, you may be enrolling in any year of any post secondary degree program.



These may be from a teacher, employer, supervisor, leader of a volunteer, spiritual, or activity organization, or other non-family member. Letters should focus on your work ethic, community contributions, and ability to complete what you start. Letters may be included with the application package or be emailed in confidentiality directly by your references. 

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