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Once again the Board would like to take this opportunity to thank the members and shareholders of our Danish Canadian Club for their patronage and financial support in 2019.

We would also like to extend a welcome to the new members and shareholders that joined us in 2019.

The last couple of months in 2019 were very good financially for the Club, but we expect a slow down for business in the early months of 2020, as is typical in the beginning of a new year. To that end, we have secured a line of credit that we can draw on if necessary.

We are pleased to announce that the Club's tenant, Kit Interior Objects, has renewed their lease with the Club for five years. The Club has also received funds from the AGLC Casino held in 2019. A big thank you to the volunteers that made this possible.

As we all know and most of us feel, the economy in Alberta and specifically in Calgary, is not firing on all cylinders. The entire restaurant industry in Calgary is going through some very challenging times, and that has an effect on our Club as well.

It is therefore extremely important that we all continue to support the Club when and where we can.In the year ahead we hope to replace the carpet in the Mermaid Inn and adjoining rooms. Once we have established the cost of this undertaking, we will appeal to the Club membership to assist  with donations, similar to how we did when the chairs were re-upholstered in the Mermaid Inn last year.

The Club management, staff and Board will continue to pursue new ways of creating revenue, and we are always open to suggestions from shareholders and members of the Club.

Kind regards

Per Andersen



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